Back in 1983, Wayne Gretzky (Hockey Legend) responded to Bob McKenzie’s (Editor of Hockey News) statement: “You have taken a lot of shots this year” with “You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take. Even though there is only a 1-5% probably of scoring.” (Wayne at the time was on pace to have a NHL record 400 SOGs (Shots on Goal) but ended up not getting the record by seasons end.)

You can’t get to where you truly want to be without taking chances. Continue reading →

Many of you requested for it and we finally have it up! Below is the scene where Shawn Hunter meets his Guidance Counselor for the first time and mentions the Three Bs: Babes, Bucks, and Brewskis.

She goes on to tell him that “What’s good for one person, doesn’t hold for everyone,” and that learning about yourself before going through the default motions in life can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life. Boy Meets world is one of those show that is filled with great life lessons, you should binge watch it one of these weekends (Available on Amazon Prime).

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If you have been paying attention to the 2014 Summer weather predictions, you know its about to get HOT. We have just the thing to help you beat the Summer heat: Tank-Tops.

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We just released our Babes, Bucks, and Brewskis (The American Dream) T-shirt which is inspired Shawn Hunter’s father (Boy Meets World), who mentioned these as the only 3 things of concern in life. Coming from a show that has a so many motivational quotes and a track record for teaching so many life lessons, its hard to argue against this one as well. (LOL) 😀

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