We’re fans of the show ‘The Legend of Korra’ (We have even posted about it on Instagram before as a show to watch until Game of Thrones came back) and have been following the new season. In the latest episode (S4 Episode 3: The Coronation) we noticed something eerily familiar about Prince Wu’s dance but couldn’t put our finger on where we saw it before. We hopped on Tumblr later that day and saw this: Continue reading →

The Goonies is an iconic movie that came out in 1985. With it constantly showing on TV during the 90’s it became one of our childhood favorites. The whole movie is filled with classic moments but there was one part that stuck with everybody that has seen the movie… When Mikey told Andy that Goonies Never Say DIE. Here is the clip (Jump to :25 secs) : Continue reading →

Back in 1983, Wayne Gretzky (Hockey Legend) responded to Bob McKenzie’s (Editor of Hockey News) statement: “You have taken a lot of shots this year” with “You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take. Even though there is only a 1-5% probably of scoring.” (Wayne at the time was on pace to have a NHL record 400 SOGs (Shots on Goal) but ended up not getting the record by seasons end.)

You can’t get to where you truly want to be without taking chances. Continue reading →