We are back!

A lot has happened since we took the store down in late 2015. Legal issues, position changes, new warehouse locations. It’s been a lot and during that time we had time to grow and really think about if we should actually come back and if we did, what would bring to you guys in terms of product. 3 things continually stood out during our conversations over this time: Expression, discussion and understanding. Gear that will enable people to express themselves, create a discussion with others and/or procure understanding.

We also considered whether we should even be doing this due to how much clothing is harming the Earth (Watch the Documentary: The True Cost).  We do want to go completely sustainable and looked into some hemp suppliers but it just isn’t economical currently as of 2017. Once it is, we plan on completely going to more sustainable clothing.

Until then we will try to deal with companies that don’t have an egregious record of harming the environment.

Right now, the items in the store aren’t much but over the next couple weeks-months we will release new t-shirts, hats, and hoodies.


We’re excited to get the ball rolling again. Stay Tuned!


*If you have any questions shot us an e-mail at info@dopeandfamous.com or use the contact link above.

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