More about the brand fueled by Smart Water and Wheat Thins.

The Dope and Famous brand is influenced by current events in pop culture and nostalgic gems from our past. We create items that can strike conversation in even the most random places but also bring back paramount feelings and thoughts from our past by themselves.

Dope and Famous

— noun
1. a cool person or thing that is recognized among a group of people.

Dope and Famous is not just about the most popular things ever but its about the coolest things too you. We are more focused on niche things that friends can celebrate together. Whether that thing is a list of the best rappers, a reference to your favorite TV show, or something that reminds you of the 80’s, everybody won’t understand but the people that do, understand you and honestly, that’s all you need.

– Stay Dope, Get Famous.

Dope and Famous is run by a collective of 80’s babies that use the digital era to its full advantage. If you want to find out more about us, shoot us an e-mail!


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Sunday: CLOSED


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