Prince Wu (Legend of Korra) Does The Beyonce ‘Run The World’ Dance

Prince Wu (The legend of Korra) doing Beyonce's Run The World Dance

We’re fans of the show ‘The Legend of Korra’ (We have even posted about it on Instagram before as a show to watch until Game of Thrones came back) and have been following the new season. In the latest episode (S4 Episode 3: The Coronation) we noticed something eerily familiar about Prince Wu’s dance but couldn’t put our finger on where we saw it before. We hopped on Tumblr later that day and saw this:

Prince Wu Beyonce Run the World DanceBeyonce Run the world.

He was doing the Beyonce dance from her video ‘Who Run the World,’ LOL.

We asked the creator if she could create a video of it and she did (With music included of course):

It’s awesome that the creators of TLOK would throw something like this in the show. What can we blame for this happening? Pop Culture.

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