Goonies Never Say Die.

Goonies Never say Die Blog post

The Goonies is an iconic movie that came out in 1985. With it constantly showing on TV during the 90’s it became one of our childhood favorites. The whole movie is filled with classic moments but there was one part that stuck with everybody that has seen the movie… When Mikey told Andy that Goonies Never Say DIE. Here is the clip (Jump to :25 secs) :

Being an Goonie is to never give up on yourself or the ones around you. Know your objective and set goals to achieve it. That part in the movie inspired us to drop the Goonies Never Say Die T-shirt:


White Goonies Never Say Die T-shirt

Also Available in Navy and Asphalt

Being a Goonie is nothing bad to represent!

P.S. There were rumors that a ‘Goonies 2’ would begin production this year or in 2015, but the original cast have already said this is not true. Sucks but somethings are better just left as they are anyways.

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