Best Gifs From Game of Thrones: Season 4

Game of Thrones Gifs from Season 4

There is a worldwide epidemic going on right now that is claiming a large chunk of the worlds population, Doctors and Physicians around the global have finally given it a name: Game of Thrones Withdrawal.

Sounds funny that a show could actually have an impact on a person like that but it’s actually something that is really happening right now. Major online publications are even writing about it: Mashable, DailyBeast, TheNational. So with this actually being a thing and since we haven’t been able to talk stop talking about Season 4 (Which ended on June 15th, its now July), we decided to put the best Gifs we could find together from Season 4. Hopefully this helps and if it doesn’t check out our comfortable Game of Thrones T-shirt, it’ll at least give you comfort until next spring.

Joffrey is dead

The King is dead.

Its not that we hated the king but we knew he had to go, just didn’t see it happening like this. Then again, we know all to well to expect the unexpected from this show.

Arya Stark is not one to play with anymore.

One of Arya Starks’s first kills and with a revenge list as long as hers we are sure they will be more.

Khalessi’s warriors are not to be fu*ked with.

Daario Naharis is very talented warrior that is part of Khalessi’s crew. He even declined a the use of a horse for this battle because he understood that horses aren’t as smart as Humans. So when a rider is 100% dependent on a horse, you take out the horse. See, Game of Thrones can be educational!

Daario also knows how to charm the ladies.

A Fight against Jon Snow? That’s something you don’t want.

Every battle Jon Snow gets better with his sword. We can’t wait to see what he is up to in season 5!

Oberyn started like this.

Oberyn started like this.

Then he was ended like this. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

This was honestly the most shocking episode of the season. It sucks Oberyn Martell had to go out like this but we are sure his family

This definitely set the tone for the battle at Castle Black.

Big Giants with huge arrows? Yea, we are going to need some new weapons.

Get off the Wall!!!

This battle in (Episode 9 Season 4) was REAL.

“These Dudes ain’t Loyal”

So Little Finger (Petyr Baelish) got rid of his wife so he could be with the daughter (Sansa) of a Women (Catelyn Stark) he loved? If that’s not a storyline for those daytime soap operas I don’t know what is!

“I demand a trial by combat.” – Tyrion Lannister is a Genius.

This performance right here deserves Oscars and Emmys. End of Story.

Khaleesi puts her dragons away.

We doubt she will have them locked up for so long but this definitely hurt. Crazy thing is there is one still roaming the skies, we will see him in Season 5.

Damnit Jamie, people have to read in there!

Well I guess since the secret is out on their Brother-Sister love affair they will do it anywhere.

Stannis Baratheon wants what is his. Or at least what he thinks is his.

The way Stannis came to the North with his army was very unexpected but I’m sure Jon Snow is glad he showed up when he did.

Bit his ear right off!

She is not to be fu*ked with!!!!

Brienne is not a woman warrior, she is a pure warrior. If it wasn’t known before, she established this by beating the Hound.

Could you kill a woman you loved? Well Tyrion did.

Sorry pops, but you got to go!

Tyrion (in sequence) killed the love of his life (Shea) and the person who fathered him (Tywin Lanniser). Just let that percolate in your mind for a second.

Scenery, Dope!

Bran Stark finally reached where he had to get to in the North, and it looked like this.

Man, Margaery on Wedding day was looking so damn good!

The Hound had a point before Brienna knocked him out. There is no real safety in the 7 Kingdoms.

You know Nothing Jon Snow!

The one woman Jon Snow loved (Ygritte), dies right in his hands. This show mannnnnn!

Yes, They were really in love.

Feel you pain Jon Snow and she was BAD.

Run little goat…. RUN.

Remember that dragon that we said was still running around and nobody could find him? Here he is, Dracarys!

Mother of Dragons chillin with her strongest one but she loves them all equally.

How could we forget about the Bastard Bolton??

Well, hes right you know.

And there you have it! The Best Gifs from Season 4 (except for the last one, that happened in another season but it just felt right to end it with that one). With the way we continue to talk about this past season we will probably be updating this post with more Gifs so bookmark the link!

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