What Happens When the Wolf Wants More Than Wall Street?

Wolf of Wall Street Cocaince Flag

We just released our ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Inspired Wolf of All Streets T-shirt and our thought process behind the shirt was: What if the Wolf wanted more than just Wall Street?

If you seen the movie you know Jordan Belfort (Protagonist) was an smart, energetic, passionate guy that could influence anybody around him. This is the type of person that can go far in any circle he put himself into. So what if the Wolf (Jordan) didn’t just want Wall Street but wanted to jump into Politics or Global Policy? Just think about if he ran for president, was the head of the UN or the Prime Minister of Britain?

Leonardo Dicaprio and Jonah Hill Living LIFE

With that type of leverage he wouldn’t just be the Wolf of Wall Street but he would be the Wolf of All Streets:

Wolf of All Streets T-shirt

Wolf of All Streets Tee in Black

Wolf of All Streets T-shirt in White

Wolf of All Streets Tee in White

Jordan Belfort is now teaching people (Check out his Straight Line Persuasion course) morally how to use the same techniques he used the movie so we doubt he would ever go into politics, but still, just think about the possibilities if he did. One more GIF before we end the article since there are so many epic clips from the movie:


Leonardo DiCaprio dancing Wolf of Wall Street

Leonardo DiCaprio Killed it on the Dance Floor in this

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